Specializing in fiberglass shingles


A new roof is an investment which will protect your house from the elements.  Four 12 Roofing will remove your existing roof and install your new roof with the utmost care.  We take our time, and pay attention to details, to ensure a proper job is done.  We clean up daily and ensure that the only trace of us being there, once the job is completed, is a professionally installed new roof.

New Construction

Four 12 Roofing understands the needs of building contractors and provides high quality, great looking roofs at a fair price.  We communicate and work with our contractors to ensure roofs are installed in a timely manner, whether ahead or behind schedule, ensuring the construction process can continue.

Roof Repair

Leaking or damaged roof? Often we are able to identify the issue upon inspection.  Repairs are usually performed when the majority of the roof is in good or fair condition.  Repair  can prolong the life of a roof, or can be a waste of money depending on the condition of the existing roof.  We will investigate the issue,  and assess the condition of the roof and provide an honest assessment for the best course of action.

Roof Maintenance

All roofs need regular maintenance to increase roof life and to prevent leaks, damage and costly repairs.  Contact us to discuss  your roof maintenance needs. Our residential roof maintenance service includes:

  • Removing debris from the entire roof, behind chimneys  and skylights 
  • Sealing all roof penetrations as needed 
  • Gutter cleaning/ installing gutter guards
  • Inspecting and caulking or replacing any flashings as needed 
  • Repairing nail pops and securing loose shingles as needed 
  • Removing moss / treating to prevent future moss 
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