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A roof could be easily defined as the top cover layer of a building that protects all its contents. Depending on the geographical area roof design elements vary accordingly.

Four12 roofing a Victoria based company has develop a high level of expertise in western Canada roof constructions.

Vancouver Island roofs are particular in their own way; therefore, it is extremely important for a roofing contractor to be familiar with the elements of a roof as well as with the specific location. Due to the lack of familiarity with the materials and the geography, it has been the case where brand new roofs have had flying shingles and our professional services have been required to fix the problem.

A common pitfall for roofing companies is to hand-in a “competitive estimate” which saves cost on the quality of the materials installed and omits the specifications. Unfortunately, this ugly case scenario leaves the homeowner completely unprotected; since, shingle’s warranties do not cover products applied not following their use and installation specifications.

Four12 roofing is well too familiar with Victoria’s capital regional district, Saanich, Central Saanich, Sidney, Langford, Colwood, and the western communities geography to not only guarantee a professional installation but the best advice on the type of materials to choose from.

Four12 roofing estimates are professionally assessed in order to recommend the best materials, the best attic ventilation, the best flashings and of course, the best roofing service.

Quality roofs come with a price, our professional services aren’t the cheapest, but for sure are competitive ones at all levels.

Elements of a roof: See Malarkey Elements of a Roof roofing company shingle application instructions.


Roofing by Four12 Roofing

Roofing by Four12 Roofing

Roofing by Four12 Roofing


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